Tiger Woods Leads Australian Open After Two Rounds


Tiger’s back? Maybe.

On Friday, Woods shot a second round of 67 which was good enough for five-under-par that put him in a one-shot lead heading in to the weekend at the Australian Open.

“I really played well,” Woods said. “Even though I shot five under, it felt it could have been eight or nine deep. It is one of those things, just being patient. I’m playing like I am playing at home. It has finally come to the golf course in a tournament setting. It takes a little time but once it starts coming, the confidence starts building.”

We have been waiting for this moment since that infamous November night that turned his life around. Could he slowly be getting his stroke back?  Last week he had to deal with the Steve Williams’ comments and the racial fallout. This weekend, however, Tiger is finally back in the news for his positive play on a golf course. Will he hold on and get his first win since the accident? This is only his second lead after two rounds in two years!

What would you like to see? The old Tiger back?

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Woods Leads Australian Open After Two Rounds

  • ok…..who is this tiger fellow??

    • Some tabloid star that decided to try to play some golf. I heard he used to be kind of good.

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