Titans Can Cut Chris Johnson and not Pay Him $17 Million of $30 Mil Guarantee

This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Jerry makes a reservation to rent a mid size car, but when he gets there they don’t have the car and he wonders what is the point of making the reservation for.

Here is how the Titans can get out from under Johnson’s contract.

Per a league source, several teams believe that the Titans could release running back Chris Johnson before the fifth day of the 2012 league year, at which time his base salary of $8 million becomes fully guaranteed.

Another $9 million of Johnson’s guaranteed money is guaranteed only for injury now, and won’t become fully guaranteed until the fifth day of the 2013 league year. As a result, the Titans can avoid a full $17 million of Johnson’s $30 million in guaranteed money if they cut him before March 2012.

So in reality Johnson’s guaranteed money, isn’t really guaranteed.

5 thoughts on “Titans Can Cut Chris Johnson and not Pay Him $17 Million of $30 Mil Guarantee

  • interesting but you think they will go thru with it and cut him?

  • They would be crazy to cut him after one bad year.

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