Tyler Perry Fans to Boycott Movie if Kim Kardashian Appears In It

Some women specifically some black women are salty Kim Kardashian will appear in the new Tyler Person movie “The Marriage Counselor”.

Of course they have overlooked how silly and stereotypical Perry has made them look over the years, but I digress.

Here are the details.

One thing we could say has helped contribute to Tyler Perry’s immense success is that he communicates directly with his fans via his frequent personal messages to them posted on his website, as well as the open forum he created for his fans to share with him.

Well.. in case you haven’t heard… Mr Perry’s website has been flooded with comments and messages from his “fans” expressing their contempt for his casting Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie, The Marriage Counselor. I put the word “fans” in quotes because I don’t have any evidence to say whether or not these are his usual supporters who frequent his website, or trolls.

And when I say flooded, I mean it. I clicked through page after page of comments lamenting Kardashian’s casting, with many saying that, although they’ve been long-time supporters of Perry’s films in the past, this is one film of his that they won’t be paying to see!

Most of those people are lying, if they are obsessed enough to write how they are going to boycott they will be at the theater opening night.

I am not exactly sure why Kimmy invokes such a reaction in people, if she is truly is a nobody why does anyone care about her? That is the hypocritical part of our society, yes Kimmy doesn’t have any true talent, but the one talent she does have is making people talk about her and that is what is getting her paid. Her filing divorce papers was on every news station in the county. She has almost as many Twitter followers as the President. She is doing something right.

Stop being bitter women and if you don’t want to see the movie, don’t see the movie no need to embarrass yourself like this.

7 thoughts on “Tyler Perry Fans to Boycott Movie if Kim Kardashian Appears In It

  • Im am a successful black man and I can’t stand to see this young lady everywhere I turn. I do not think it is women being bitter, I think it is women wanting to stop being looked at as sexual objects. The Kardashian women make money from this. Women can’t get away from the stigma that this family portrays. Having two young daughters myself The last thing I want is for them to think ANY of the Kardashians are role models. Regardless of what Tyler Perry has put in his movies, he is viewed as a role model in the black community because he came from rags to riches by pursuing his dream and actually having a talent. I am not a huge Perry fan, but I really do think people will avoid seeing his movie. There will also be the same amount do see it. Kim K has so many followers because everywhere you go in the U.S you see her face, name, and family. It is like a brainwashing to want to follower her and become what she is. So many people follower her because they unconsciously realize this woman and family have no real claim to fame to be on pretty much EVERYTHING and they are fascinated by this. I mean Black and Latino women have had the best bodies forever (Tyra & Shakira) but the world doesn’t care about them for some sad reason. I don’t get the hype on her behind at all. In my opinion it is actually disgusting. Looking at how tiny her thighs are and then she has got this enormous behind looks ridiculous.

    • As a black woman, I appreciate the comment from such an enlightened, educated brother. Unlike, the ignoramus author who thinks that “we” are jealous or bitter because of an indoctrinated belief that white women are the most beautiful creatures therefore that must be our only disdain for KK. WRONG!! First, ask yourself if KK is the envy of black women why does she find the need to inject herself with silicone and fat tissue to have the big plump ass, thick seductive lips-traits attributable to black women? As a black man, you (the author) should be ashamed and embarrassed how kk has made millions off of using/manipulating black men. When will you simple negroes wake up and unloosen that “willie” lynch from your necks? Her first husband was a black record producer-paid for her tities and lipo. Then she uses Ray J’s black dick to profit from a sex tape where it seems Ray J is sexing a lifeless blow-up doll. Leaks the tape, blames Ray J and becomes this innocent, sweet, lily white victim of the big scary mean black man. Then she dates Reggie Bush to get his shine-talked more than he did during his interview at the super bowl. Then marries Kris Humphries (hallf-black man=black man) to rake in millions off a sham marriage. E! channel and kk recruited different men of different ethnicities to be her boyfriend and increase their star power-italian, spanish, white-but only the dummy negro fell for the bait. And now we have the author bashing black women and calling them bitter because we don’t her in the new Tyler Perry movie-I bet she has never seen any of his dumb movies or ridiculous t.v shows. Maybe we don’t wont her fake ass in the movie because she has to talent whatsoever-maybe talking in a baby voice and getting ass shots and wearing the whole cover-girl makeup collection on her surgical reshaped face is talent to you. Maybe, we like to see the part go to a talented, beautiful actress (doesn’t have to black) who talents goes past faking it in a ratchet homemade porno. Maybe we tired of white women with surgical enhanced ass & lips being touted as something spectacular, unique and beautiful because she’s white with a big ass and lips when hollywood for years have shunned and tried to hide these traits on black women because they were consider unattractive and unflattering.

  • Black SPORTS online

  • Thank you, thank you Adina!! The author of this post is sadly mistaken if he thinks we are jealous of KK. I personally will not see the movie beause I will not be able to stomach her whiny, annoying voice. I have never watched her show because I will not promote her in anyway and help her profit more than she has already from being a nobody. As Adina stated “the black man is the only dummy falling” for her. No respectable white dude would bring that tramp home to his mother and you don’t see any white Hollywood producers dumb enough to cast her in a film. So if anyone is coming off of this looking pathetic and should be embarrassed, it is not the black woman, but another dumb ass negro man!!!

  • And another thing, Mr. Littal — a fitting last name for someone with such a “small mind” — you have built a shrine (55 photo gallery) to this white whore!! And you are talking about somebody should be embarrassed?!! Dude, you are truly pathetic!!!

  • I rather see the Kardashian show than any Tyler Perry show, movie anything. And I am a black woman. I just prefer to see other people besides blacks make fools of themselves.
    Don’t see the deal. ALL Blacks should have been boycotted Perry.

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