2 thoughts on “Tyler-Perry-as-Madea

  • As a fan of Tyler Perry, I was extremely shocked to hear that he had cast the sex tape whore Kim Kardashian in his upcoming movie “The Marriage Counselor.” Honestly, when I first heard what I thought was another lie promoted by the Kardashian camp, I was floored when I learned from E! that Kardashian had in fact been cast. I have been a fan of several of Perry’s films but will definitely NOT see this one (and boycott it as well!) if he goes with his plan to cast an untalented, fake well-known sex tape, bed-hopping, fake prostitute in this OR any other films. In addition to Perry’s work, what I always USED to respect about him is that he would cast unknown BLACK talent. WHY he would even consider sullying his movie by allowing this sex tape trash anywhere NEAR the film (let alone have a speaking part) is beyond me. However, Perry WILL pay royally for supporting this sex tape trash. It is a sad day in the film industry when the popularity that comes with being a porn star seems to have trumped Mr. Perry’s original standards of theatrical excellence, class, and dignity, and for this, I am extremely disappointed in him. IF Perry keeps this sex tape trash in his film, I will boycott this movie and will no longer financially support anything that Perry backs.

  • Please Mr. Perry remove Kim from the film otherwise I’ll be forced to boycott the movie. I would watch this movie if it wasn’t for the fact that Kim Kardashian will be in it.
    The reason that I’m boycotting is that I don’t believe Kim deserves the high paid salary she will get, coming from proceeds from the movie ticket I’ll be buying from my out of pocket expenses. Maybe Kim has a net worth of 35+ million dollars and thinks $10.50 a ticket (luxury seating) is nothing, but me, being a lowly middle class person, maybe slightly upper middle class, I’d rather save my penny and use it to watch deserving actors on the screen instead of investing it in continuing to support Kim’s arrogance.
    Same reason as above that I am also discontinuing my tune in of Kardashian shows on E! Entertainment, including the up and coming Kim and Kourtney take NY reality show.


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