Victoria’s Secret Makes Cute Michigan St. T-Shirts With Michigan Motto


Sexy? Yes…

Laughable? Very much so…

In an attempt to make sexy football t-shirts (for women I presume), Victoria’s Secret made Michigan St. Spartans T-shirts with only one glaring problem: the wrong fight song.

The women’s lingerie company came out with Michigan State T-shirt with “Spartans” across the front and the Michigan State logo on the back. However, underneath “Spartans” the shirt reads, “Hail to the Victors.”

The problem with this? Well, that’s the motto/fight song of rival Michigan.

Luckily for the company, CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell caught the mistake in time as the t-shirts were removed from the Victoria’s secret website in time.

tHowever, if you were able to snag one of these t-shirts before before they were removed, you could sell it to a Wolverine fan for a pretty penny.

Just saying. 



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