Video: Alabama Fan Crying While Girlfriend Looks Disgusted After Loss to LSU


This guy will never live this down and if that Blonde was his girlfriend she will be Trent Richardson’s girlfriend before the evening is out.

Actually this guy is so sad, his girlfriend might get with the kicker who missed 19 field goals today.

I sort of feel for the guy but there is one rule that all men should remember.


Get your priorities in order young man.

Shout out to @jimmytraina for bringing it to our attention & the @bleacherreport for this different angle pic.

Here is another photoshop pic courtesy @CarolnChalmette that I must admit is hilarious.

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  1. Unbelievable. The feminist movement will say “aww he’s so sensitive” but the BSO community (most of us) knows better!

  2. He is going to get an endorsement deal with Miller Light for their Man Up Campaign “Ordering that beer is the second unmanliest thing you have done today”

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