Video: During NBA Lockout, Players Schooled on the ‘History of Bling’

With the NBA Lockout drama looking more dismal by the minute, it seems players will have plenty of time on their hands should the entire season get cancelled. So while the powers that be continue their negotiations, some players decided to go back to school earlier this week. Instead of schooling rivals on the court in crossovers, layups and dunks, a few NBA stars learned the “History of Bling,” as presented by Pacific Division in their song “Still Flexin’.” The Southern Cali hip hop trio, also known as Pac Div, partnered with the titanium-necklace maker Phiten to promote their products, which are worn by many athletes.  Peep the video to see Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Derrick Williams and Eric Gordon learn how ‘bling’ evolved over time from ancient Egyptians, to America’s founding fathers, to Flavor Flav.