Video: James Kirkland 6th Rd TKO of Alfredo Angulo in Fight & Round of the Year

Boxing has had several black eyes this year (pun intended).

It needed a fight like Kirkland vs. Angulo to remind people what is great about the Sweet Science. Kirkland was literally seconds from his career being relegated to Wednesday Night Fight status (yes I know it has been canceled and that is my point).  After being put down with a picture perfect right hand, Kirkland was holding on for dear life, but that is when Angulo made a fatal mistake.

Roy Jones Jr. warned that Angulo was punching himself out and that is exactly what happened.  Kirkland weathered the storm and scored a late 1st round knock down himself.

Angulo never really recovered, you have to give him credit for taking a severe beating up until the fight was stopped mercifully in the 6th round.

The loss won’t hurt Angulo that much, he was courageous and showed his power can put anyone down.  Once he gets his Visa and immigration issues straightened out he will continue to get meaningful fights.

As far as Kirkland goes he has a chance to get back on the path to Superstardom that he almost lost after spending 2 years in jail on a parole violation.

If he wants to try to cash in immediately he should call out Sergio Martinez. If he was to beat Martinez his name would start to be mentioned with the Pacquiao and Mayweathers of the world.

Considering how his entire career was almost over 30 seconds into the Angulo fight that is an amazing turnaround.

Only in boxing.