Video: Lauren Alaina Botches National Anthem…Packers vs. Lions Thanksgiving Game


I have never heard of this Lauren Alaina young lady, but two things are clear.

1- I understand why she came in second on American Idol.

2- She is no Jordin Sparks.

I have no idea why Fox continues to be cheap and trot out these American Idol contestants to sing the National Anthem instead of getting some real singers.

Unless it is Jordin, just stop it.

The XFactor is better any way.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Rob,

    No comment on ole girl, but the Lions are like Herman Cain, not ready for prime time, I hope this is Detroit’s last game on Thanksgiving. And Suh has some mental issues, get kicked out of game on Thanksgiving? Anyhoo, have a good one.

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