Video: Lebron James Dunks on Little European Kid


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Lebron James doesn’t care if it is in the States or overseas if you are a little kid challenging his skills he is going to take you to the hold.

If you recall this video from the summer where Lebron frustrated with his outside shooting just totally destroy this kid.

While that seemed like an innocent accident (maybe) this one was a little more personal.  Lebron was in London talking to some kids when a little guy got some confidence and decided to try to defend Lebron 1 on 1.

Lebron either had a flashback to the Finals or he just gets a kick out of it proceeded to do this….

The funny thing is that the kids asked Lebron to show off his jumper, but I guess once he missed a couple of shots he had enough of that.  I will admit I laughed at the little kid.

Good learning lesson for him, don’t step on the court if you don’t want to be dunked on by a NBA player who could be a NFL Tight End.  He could also point to the Lebron Ringless photoshops above as a comeback.

Jason Terry chuckles at this post.

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