Video: Lions Matthew Stafford Starts Brawl During Lions vs. Bears Game


The Voltron Lions is experiencing what every team that was bad for a long time and has success early in the season.

They are not getting the opponents 100% focus, teams know it isn’t a walk over to play the Lions so they are getting teams best efforts.  The good news is even though the Lions were destroyed by the Bears they are still a hard nose borderline dirty team.

That would be beneficial for them going down the strecth, I don’t think they will imploded like the Bills are.

Even though DJ Moore was the one who was kicked out of the game, it was Matthew Stafford who caused the brawl.  Normally men who go by Matthew aren’t the ones who start fights, but this is a different bred of Lions.


  1. Lions are still who we thought they were, “overrated” this season. I do think they will implode still a few years away from being a really good team. Since bears lost to lions on MNF Bears are 4-0; Lions are 1:3 Stafford acted like a punk!!

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