Video: Penn State Student Agrees with Joe Paterno Firing

After Joe Paterno was unceremoniously fired from his 45-year post as head coach of Penn State University, a multitude of PSU students foolishly started riots over the State campus, going as far as to chant for JoePa in front of his house, to knocking over a news van and light poles, causing an extremely embarrassing mess for the university that unfolded in front of the entire world thanks to social media.

What may have caused more damage were the students interviewed on national television who offered strident defenses of Paterno and his actions in essentially covering up and almost enabling sexual child abuse.

Fortunately, for the sake of the rational world, one student stood in the middle of the fray and stood up for the very small majority of students that were present during the malaise and dared to agree with the unpopular decision to let Paterno go.

I hope for the Happy Valley population’s sake that more students like this kid are willing to speak up for what’s right morally in regards to this scandal. I also hope for this student’s safety, because we saw last night that Happy Valley becomes significantly less happy when defending the legend Joe Paterno.

3 thoughts on “Video: Penn State Student Agrees with Joe Paterno Firing

  • Umm…I think that might be the wrong video. From what I saw, the student a JoePa supporter, and he was pissed that they fired him over the phone.

  • Yeah, wrong video methinks? I mean he seems a little more level-headed than the other students, but not too much more so (we’ll see after he’s had a couple more beers). He did admit that Paterno maybe possibly perhaps could’ve done more, possibly.

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