Video: Shaq Says He “Respectfully Cheated” on Shaunie O’Neal, Speaks on Kobe


This is something that I have spoken about for years.

Our good friend Stiletto Jill who provided the video also gives her take on it, so if you want a female perspective go check out her site.

The majority of men with options in regard to women are going to cheat. Doesn’t matter if they are a ball player, doctor, drug dealer or manager at Office Depot.

That is life and women need to understand that more men cheat that do not, so if you think you have a faithful one that is only about a 10% chance. The odds aren’t in your favor like the Cubs winning a World Series.

There are two type of cheaters.

Respectful and disrespectful.

Shaq in the video says that it is hard to explain and he doesn’t want to violate any “man codes”, but the simple fact is either you cheat in the shadows or you cheat in plain sight.

Cheating in plain sight is disrespectful to your spouse or significant other.  Men who do that don’t truly care about the women they are with.  Most men who care will be careful and not allow whoever they are cheating with jeopardize their home life.

Doesn’t mean it is morally right, but there is a difference between shooting someone between the eyes and stabbing them in the leg.

Think about for a minute while you listen to Shaq talk about Kobe, his book, his house and Hoopz.


  1. Majority of men cheat physically and majority of women cheat emotionally…like sex, even if the emotions are not genuine the guy who is comforting you when your guy is out cheating is occupying a big void that is much needed…and once another guy captures a womens minds it sucks for the guy she is with…it sucks but its life!

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