Video: What Was Tom Brady Sniffing in His Gatorade Cup?

Since the Monday Night Football game isn’t inspiring a lot of emotions around the country beyond us Fantasy Football players whose games depend on it we can spend our time wondering what exactly was Tom Brady Sniffing on?

1- Cocaine

2- OchoCinco’s receptions

3- Lock of Justin Bieber’s hair

4- Bill Belichick unwashed hoodie

5- Manny Pacquiao’s cologne Scent of a Champion

If you have the inside scoop please let us know. Since I don’t have Brady on any of my fantasy rosters a suspension for drug abuse would be beneficial to me.

Maybe I should just call Rodney Harrison I am sure he knows.

2 thoughts on “Video: What Was Tom Brady Sniffing in His Gatorade Cup?

  • smelling salts to clear his head he must’ve gotten his head rattled the series before…real talk

  • Its ammonia. He’s always have done this. At least, the last 5yrs or so. Just to clear nasal passages, etc. He must’ve been a lil under the weather.

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