Vince Young To Get the Start For the Eagles Against Giants

And the Vince Young Era begins in Philly…..

Ok, not really. Vince Young’s stint as the Philadelphia Eagles starter should last one game and one game only, as VY hasn’t done a good job of inspiring confidence as an Eagles signal-caller.

Young’s lone pass this season came in a Week 6 win against the Washington Redskins after Michael Vick went out for a play with an injury and, not surprisingly, resulted in an interception. The fact that star wide receiver Jeremy Macklin is also out versus the Giants does not bode well for Philly’s chances, tomorrow or in the NFC playoff hunt.

Vince Young signed a one-year deal with the Eagles last summer after five up-and-down seasons with the Tennessee Titans who drafted the former Texas star with the 3rd overall pick in 2006. Young took his new opportunity to resurrect his career as a starting NFL quarterback and promptly placed a large bulls-eye on the backs of his new team by referring to them as a “Dream Team”, which apparently was enough to catch on the public, who have ridiculed the Eagles for being very un-Dream like.

Sunday marks Vince’s first and maybe last chance to prove to a new team next year that he’s capable of regaining his Pro Bowl status and team-leader reputation. It’s definitely over for Young if he can’t even maintain number two status over Mike Kafka.

Get well soon, Mike Vick.

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