White Sox GM Kenny Williams Home Robbed of Lobsters

There are smart criminals and there are dumb criminals. I absolutely can’t stand the latter. However, the worst type of criminal is one that is a combination of the two.

While White Sox GM Kenny Williams was out of town last weekend, his house was robbed. The criminal was able to get away with Williams’ World Series Ring from the 2005 season. Though the robber made away with the most valuable possession, he made some key dumb decisions that led to his arrest.

NBC Chicago is reporting that Wayne L. Field III of Chicago was charged with residential burglary, police say, for unlawfully entering Williams’ home, putting on clothing and jewelry — including Williams’ 2005 World Series ring — consuming pizza and beer from the fridge and defrosting a lobster.

Police found Field wearing Williams’ clothes and the ring.

I understand that the robber might have been hungry so I can see why he would treat himself to a pizza and a beer. But actually wearing Williams’ clothes and his ring — that’s an easy way to get caught.

Luckily for Williams, he has all of his possessions back, including the ring. Hopefully, he might get a refund on the pizza and the beer.