Basketball Wives Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Throw Hands at Shaunie’s Party


Anytime I hear the phrase……….

“As the cameras were rolling”

I have to question the validity of the altercation, but you can’t spell Basketball Wives without FIGHT. has the details.

According to the witness, as Shaunie was celebrating her birthday at Philippe Chow, guests Evelyn and Jen got into an intense verbal argument, which ended with Evelyn allegedly hitting Jennifer on the top of the head with a clutch purse! After more harsh words, the two were separated. We’re told VH1′s cameras were rolling and the entire incident was caught on tape.

Evelyn is a feisty one.

Interesting how she was the one pushing for Jennifer to divorce Eric “Ribs” Williams and now doesn’t want anything to do with Jennifer.


Naw, probably just good TV.

They both have had naked pics leaked though………


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  1. Change the name of that show, love & hip-hop, and etc…. To:

    What I Do Not Want in a Woman
    I Need a Woman That Can Mind Her OWN Business….

    Women, you should protest. Baseball Wives is an even worse show.

    Now we know why you are by yourselves……

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