Brandon Marshall Says Darrelle Revis Benefits From “The Jordan Rules”

Marshall is probably correct but it isn’t unusual for star players to get the benefit of the call in any league.

Your reputation is gold and the whole Revis Island fallacy does allow Darrelle to be more aggressive than most corners because he knows the ref won’t throw the flag, that is smart on his part.

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall believes that New York Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis gets special treatmentfrom the officials.

“My technique could’ve been better, but at the same time, I think they gave him `the Jordan Rule,”’ Marshall said. “You get a little close to Michael Jordan, they’re going to call a foul.”

Marshall said that some officials are “scared to throw the flag” and believes that “nine times out of 10” a flag would’ve been thrown if it wasn’t Revis.  He was referring to Revis’ 100 yard pick six that he recorded when the Dolphins and the Jets met for the first time this season.