Brian Urlacher Says Tim Tebow Is “A Good Running Back”

Brian Urlacher was acting real salty after his Bears lost to Tim Tebow and the Broncos 13-10 in overtime.

Instead of giving props to Tebow for ANOTHER unbelievable comeback, he had this to say:

“He’s a good running back, man. He runs the ball well,” Urlacher said.

Its odd that he said Tebow is a “good running back.” The Bears defense didn’t let Tebow run all over them (Tebow had 49 rushing yards). He burned them in the passing game with 18 completion in the fourth quarter and overtime. He finished the game with 236 yards passing and a fourth quarter touchdown.

Those are good numbers for a “running back.”

I know Urlacher is shocked that Tebow did his miracle fourth quarter comeback on them. But don’t discredit his performance. If he wants to take shots at someone he should be aiming at Marion Barber. It is mostly his fault that they lost the game.

3 thoughts on “Brian Urlacher Says Tim Tebow Is “A Good Running Back”

  • Tim Tebow plays the game of football. If anyone should appreciate hard work on the field, Tebow is the man. Urlacher knows this!

  • Tebow is the man! he is really good!

  • Tebow is the man!

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