Chris Paul Reaches Out to Dwight Howard About Becoming a Super Duo

The latest rumor is that the Magic who are going to lose Dwight Howard in free agency will attempt  to trade for Chris Paul without the guarantee of an extension and pray that Howard and Paul love playing with each other so much they both want to stay in Orlando.

Before I can tell you why that thinking is a bit flawed here is the latest report about Paul reaching out to Dwight.

New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul “reached out” to Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard in order to encourage him “to find a way for the two to play together,” reports Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports, citing sources. Paul, Spears says, has requested a trade to the New York Knicks via his agent, though it’s doubtful the Knicks would be able to acquire both him and Howard.

I can understand the Magic trying to go for a homerun with this, but it is more likely that they bring CP3 in, they lose early in the playoffs then both CP3 and Dwight Howard both leave.

The Magic’s best move once again is to trade Howard to the Lakers or Bulls who have the best pieces and move on.

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