Cowboys HC Jason Garrett Ices Own Kicker…Dan Bailey Missed GW FG (Video)

Dan Bailey’s job is to make Field Goals, so while you are slandering Jason Garrett remember that regardless of how many time outs Garrett takes Bailey is suppose to make the FG.

With that being said Garrett’s time management was awful.  Dare I say it was Andy Reid like?

For one, I have no clue why coaches in the last 2 minutes of a game assume a 40+ FG is a gimmie. As soon as they get to the 30 yard line they shut their offenses down instead of trying to gain more yards.

Garrett could have used his timeouts to get more yards to make it an easier kick for Bailey. Then he gets cute calling a timeout when one wasn’t needed.

Garrett is the head coach, but I get the feeling the players prefer Rob Ryan and if you didn’t know any better you would think Ryan was the coach since he is the only who ever talks.

In the end if the Cowboys somehow don’t make the playoffs you can specifically point to this game.