Cowboys Jay Ratliff Almost Beats up Reporter Calvin Watkins

Piece of journalistic advice that is blatantly stolen from the movie “LIFE” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence you can never let an athlete take your cornbread.

You have to be professional at all times, but if an athlete threatens you, you simply can not back down.  They will try to bully you and you have to show that you are there to do your job and if they don’t like it oh well.

According to Mac Engel of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram,  Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Jay Ratliff almost got into a physical altercation with Cowboys beat reporter Calvin Watkins of

Engel indicated that Watkins asked Ratliff about the news of Sam Hurd being arrested for selling drugs. Then before they knew it,  both Ratliff and Watkins were being separated by Marcus Spears and Martellus Bennett.

Later reports indicated that Watkins was really pushing Ratliff with questions about Hurd and Ratliff told him to “walk away” and of course he didn’t and that’s when the mayhem started.

Watkins might have taken it too far with the Hurd questions, but Ratliff needs to keep his cool.  He just needed to hit him with the Drew Rosenhaus “next question” and keep it moving.

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