David West Signs with Pacers 2 yrs $20 Million

According to David Aldridge former New Orleans Hornet forward David West has agreed to sign with the Indiana Pacers after a sign and trade with the Boston Celtics could not be completed, due to the Hornets inability to deal Chris Paul.

West agrees to a pretty favorable deal for the Pacers for two years worth $20 million dollars and pairs him along side George Hill, Danny Granger and a point guard he’s enjoyed success with in New Orleans Darren Collison. West at age 31, now how the chance to show teams that his knees are ok and potentially receive another lucrative contract before he’s finished playing.

After David Stern nixed the Chris Paul trade the subsequent deals to follow fell apart as well. So while many of the small market owners got their wish in blocking Chris Paul to the Lakers, they also affected other teams ability to make moves.