Deion Sanders Denies That Pilar Sanders Found Out about Divorce via TMZ


The only two people who know what really is going on is Deion and Pilar, but we do have a bit a back and forth going on right now.

Yesterday Pilar’s lawyer said that his client found out Deion was filing for divorce via TMZ.

But an early morning tweet from Prime seems to suggest that he believes someone is lying.

Question begs who is wearing the Truth suit and who is wearing the Lying suit.  We probably will never know, but in today’s society with high profile relationships getting the public on your side can be beneficial to your long term viability.

Just ask Kris Humphries.


  1. For someone who throws around the word truth so much, there sure seems to be a lot of lies following Deion around. Makes you think.

  2. Mr Sanders is correct, for Pilar to state she knew nothing of her Divorce when there were rumors circulating for months in Collin County about a pending divorce of the Sanders is strange, they were trying to sale their home in Prosper Texas and a Penthouse in Downtown Dallas..
    I guess Pilar is trying to play the victim when everyone knows she’s a mean nasty person..she rude to everyone she meets, she’s nothing more than the Queen of Mean, I am certain Deion will have plenty of strangers coming to his aid in Collin county that has dealt with Pilar.

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