Deron Williams & Dwight Howard Go to Dinner..Restaurant Picks Up the Tab

You probably assume that I am going to talk about what this means for Dwight being trade, but you would be wrong.


We just don’t know where just yet, but I want to talk about something else after you read the details.

Deron Williams didn’t want to even address it, but Dwight Howard didn’t mind admitting that, yes, he and Williams went out to dinner Wednesday night when Williams arrived in town with the Nets.

“Since he’s been in the league, every time he comes to town, we go eat dinner and just kick it,” Howard said after the Magic’s shootaround today. “We’ve been friends since the Olympics, and so we go out to eat, have a bite.”

Earlier, Williams had stammered and said, “I don’t even know — I really don’t,” when asked if he had dinner with Howard. However, when asked if he would recommend New York City living to a 6-foot-11 friend, Williams said, “Yes, I would definitely recommend the area.”

The restaurant picked up the tab for the two.

As a Dollarnaire this is something I noticed a long time ago.

Rich people get more free stuff than anyone on the planet.  Dwight and Deron make a combined $8475 billion but don’t even have to pay for a meal.

Now as someone who has partaken in many free media luncheons I am not complaining, just find it interesting.  I think the restaurants every day should pay for one of their regular diners meal, just a 2012 suggestion.

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  • I hope Dwight Howard gets trade or whatever, he sound like a whining little itch, what happen to real men? Dwight, nor Jay Z, new arena, new name, new jerseys are going to help this team. I wonder who wore the pants,him or Royce?

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