DeSean Jackson Ignoring Vince Young on Sidelines (Video)

This use to happen to T.O. all the time.

Once the media turns on you all they are doing is looking for opportunities to pile on.  Doesn’t matter if it is a legit or not they are like sharks smelling blood.

DeSean Jackson is not in a good place right now and he is getting a rep as a malcontent because of his contract situation.

The Eagles are on National TV with the storyline is how much they have underachieved the last thing Jackson can do is appear to be uninterested in the game.

The camera has been on him the entire game and he is giving them ton of ammo to prove that he is a malcontent.  I don’t know what Vince Young is telling him or if he is even talking to him, but at least appear to care even if you don’t.  As you can see the NFL Network is going to spin it and his general disinterest isn’t helping.

YOUTUBE took all the videos down, but I had a backup.

They followed that up with a report that he isn’t talking to his teammates which was odd because I had just saw him speaking to a teammate, but the truth doesn’t matter when you are on the media’s bad side.

Jackson is making it way too easy for the media and with each small incident like this he is costing himself money.

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