DeSean Jackson’s Promo Video For His Birthday Party Hosted by Draya


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DeSean Jackson needs to holla at me.

His image can still be saved, but he needs my crisis counseling ASAP.

One of the first things I would do is kill this video. It isn’t a good look that it appears you are giving more effort to your birthday promo video than running your routes.

Everyone isn’t like me, I could care less if DeSean wants to throw birthday parties with Almost Basketball Wives, but…………

When you are trying to get a new contract and your current reputation is in the trash you probably want to go low key with your birthday celebration.

Just look at how Fox Philly describes it.

The Philadelphia Eagles’ DeSean Jackson has popped up in a racy online video promoting a nightclub appearance with a controversial TV star.

It was the same type of appearance awhile ago that almost cost Michael Vick his job with the Eagles.

But this time, the host of Jackson’s “party” is controversial “Basketball Wives” star Draya Michele.

In the YouTube video promoting the event on December 5th at G Lounge, Michele appears topless at one point and nearly topless at other moments.

The video also shows a shirtless Jackson crossing his arms, display a tattoo that reads “God’s Gif.”

Michele is a lightning rod on the reality TV show and is reportedly dating an NBA player, and she also may have a sex tape hitting the market.

Jackson is in the middle of a controversial season with the Eagles, featuring poor play from Jackson during a contract dispute.

Are you paying attention DeSean, do you see how you are being portrayed?

The crazy thing was this was BEFORE the game last night. You know how to contact me, I suggest you do so before it is too late.

I hope he is being paid for the appearance, we know he can’t afford to pay for the bottles.


4 thoughts on “DeSean Jackson’s Promo Video For His Birthday Party Hosted by Draya

  • There has to be a big disconnect on this team between Michael Vick and DeSean Jackson. If there is one person in the NFL who can give good advice, based on experience, on avoiding the many pitfalls of the league it’s Michael Vick.

    I kind of see DeSeans point on his salary, but he is going to destroy his career with his shinanigans. Note – having talent will not keep the powers that be from destroying you. It’s been done to better players and better people.

  • I don’t know what’s wrong with Djack. The blueprint for success is already out there. All this fool has to do is model himself after Andre Johnson, Larry Fitz, or any other Pats receiver for a more lucrative contract.

    Doesn’t he know that T.O went head to head with the eagles and lost?

  • Who says the Eagles wouldn’t have given D-Jax a big contract? They just didn’t think he is Larry Fitzgerald $$. D-Jax took a stand and so did the Eagles. Now it’s a different playing field … D-Jax showed everyone he’s about $$ over the game. Last time I checked football is a team sport. You play then you get $$$. Btw- who has same agent as D-Jax? T.O. Enough said.

    @Mike B. You are right, D-Jax should be looking to #7 for advice, but he’s not. They were tight, not sure what happened.

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