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Did Stephen A. Smith Call Lebron James a “N*gger” on ESPN First Take? (Video)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Thursday, December 8th, 2011
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I will be 100% honest at first I thought this was just some blogs trying to slander Stephen A. Smith because I didn’t hear it the first three times I listened to it.

It is hard sometimes to listen to Stephen A. because he is yelling at the top of his lungs and I am not a yeller so I sort of tune it out.

But then I found the transcript of where the alleged N bomb was said.  Here is the transcript and then the video.

“He is too supremely talented. He may be the best talent in the world. You know what? You just got to get that heart man! Stop walking around like the Tin Man syndrome. I mean what is wrong with you!? This N*gga. Come on man. He got it in him. Just peel it out. Suck it up. Wear the black hat. “

After listening to the exact part it does appear Stephen A. did slip it in by accident.

If he did, he knows better. Maybe if he calmed down a bit he wouldn’t have these type of slip ups, he was making Skip seem rational.

Smith’s points sans yelling, sans possible N Word was a valid one. I know that is his thing, but I think a lot of his points get lost in the yelling.

I don’t know if Stephen A. will comment on this, if he did say it, he should apologize no need for that type of language.

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  1. FDOIII says:

    Lmao. Yeah, he said that sh*t.

  2. lex says:

    this is unacceptable.

  3. Sefquin says:

    This is bullsh*t… This is sorry journalism, it’s borderline slander… He said “come on man”… I can’t believe you would post this crap take this down, your wasting peoples time….

  4. Geoff Ratliff says:

    Wow! The N-Bomb was definitely dropped there! Hilarious. Just like it would go down in the Barbershop. I ain’t mad at ya Stephen A!

  5. Free says:

    Apologize? About he should get fired? If it was a white person saying that on ESPN you would be calling for their head.

  6. Brian says:

    Regardless if that was what he actually said or not, Stephen A schtick is buffoonish and he needs to act like a veteran journalist instead of sounding as dumb as Warren Sapp or Deion Sanders.

  7. A.C says:

    Ha..SAS got his Booker T on!

  8. D says:

    You all know he didn’t say that word. You can even read his lips and see he never even formed those letters. Lebron probably started the rumor.

    • N*gga PLEASE LOL (He totally said it but if anyone should call LBJ out, SAS is the dude to do it and make me crack up at the same time.)

      And PS. love the Tin Man Syndrome comment. He might as well just said “You ain’t got no heart, that’s why you ain’t got no RINGS.” LMAO

  9. D. Taylor says:

    he said it.

  10. gimmeabrekplez says:

    He said “listen”

  11. Michael says:

    He said that sh*t…But you should really change the title of this article from “Nig*er” to “Nig*a”, because it really is a big difference. Your title really makes it seem more serous than it is.

  12. JMumf says:

    He said it… Quit stickin up for his dumb ass. Loud, obnoxious idiot. Knew he was an ignorant fucker the first time I heard him speak. Did he even play t-ball back in the day?! What a bench-warming bitch.

  13. flnative52 says:

    Stephen is a racist “N”. Someone needs to give him a beat down

  14. hollywood94 says:

    let me say that i myself was watching that episcode of firsttake when allof this happened i was so shocked that ihad to call espn by phone to see if this type of behavior is allowed.i’m nota hater i’m a proud blackman myself and from having a gift as a computer technican i went to to youtube where it first landed and thru mmy research he did call labron james the n worrdd from allof the screaming and then he toned it down inorder to say itt and that man is guilty as charged and that man makes us as afro americans look bad and he should be fired from broaadcasting

  15. Michael Joe Lerdal says:

    just hopefull that hollywood94 has a retard tech job. ignoramus coons. gotta watch tv and the “episcode” etcc….. too funny

  16. Michael Joe Lerdal says:

    why does Obama and Eric Holder hate white people?

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