Donovan McNabb Happy He Wasn’t Claimed Off Waivers

Donovan McNabb will go down as an all-time great quarterback and borderline hall of famer; however no one will ever look at him as the poster boy for having a back bone. Per Donovan sent text messages on Friday saying he was happy he went unclaimed.

Who’s happy to get fired and not get hired by teams who could use his services? If you look at his stats he wasn’t great, but by no means was he terrible either. He completed 60% of his passes thus far and with slightly over a thousand passing yards racked up, would’ve had a good shot to hit the three thousand yard mark.

Now as Robert Littal will point out, Donovan will kill his share of gophers, nonetheless he was decent this year and to be happy to be unemployed may be the sign that he doesn’t have the passion to put in the work anymore. I understand his thought process of being unclaimed, which would then give him the option to sign with whoever he wanted to. However it’s not like the teams that were considering him were bums, the Texans and Bears are in the middle of a playoff run and if he could lead them to the promise land it would only do wonders for him. The Cowboys could’ve gave him a roster spot and we know Tony Romo is one bad play away from being thought of as a bum and has never had a legitimate backup to push him to be great.

We’ve always seen Donovan be the utmost professional, always say and do the right thing. Although it seems as he’s gotten older he lost his knack to be the professional, or at least be portrayed that way. I mean, who goes on national TV after being let go with a ‘Make it rain’ shirt on expecting to get a job. Furthermore if you’re going to go with the ‘make it rain’ shirt, you must have a Slick Rick type chain to compliment, not that weak rope he had on.

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  • I’m now convinced that Donovan should probalby retire now.

  • He should of retired in Washington

  • He’s in denial……time to hang it up

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