Draya Michele from Basketball Wives LA Covers Blackmen Magazine (Pics)

The Basketball Wives: LA has been renewed for a second season, so Draya and the ladies weren’t be going away soon.

Remember it isn’t the 15 minutes of fame that is important it is how you extend your 15 minutes.  Jury still out if Draya can turn into hers into anything that just being a pretty face.  Just leaking naked pics and a sex tape isn’t going to get it done.

Jackie Christie might be crazy but she knows how to use the attention she is getting to push product.

Draya could learn a thing or two from her.

3 thoughts on “Draya Michele from Basketball Wives LA Covers Blackmen Magazine (Pics)

  • Brother Man,

    Can you hire somebody to edit your pieces. I enjoy reading your stuff, but the grammatical errors are unacceptable.

    • spell check is only a key stroke away!

    • Sometime you don’t see the errors until you hit submit so, don’t judge! Thats not what the article is about anyway!
      Draya is a throwback! Who is she and where did she come from! What does she have to do with a basketball wife, life, baby mamma, mistress, what? im trying to figure out where does she fit in? I’m way confused. She’s a liar and a tryfling mother. So, folks are jumping to her defense after she was exposed on the show! It is what it is and she is a wanna be somthing or another I’m still not sure! We can judge her because she put her face on TV and her arrest is public record. Anyone that put the life of a child in jeopardy is tryfling because she has NOT turned that appearance around, she sent the child to live with her mother in another state which gives her time to possibly make another unfortunate life. We as a society have to become more responsible when we confirm individuals by giving them attention and supporting their bad behaviour! She is a prime example! We need to stop supporting these shows that air individuals that live a destructive life and don’t make good on their errors, they build on it and never right their wrong!

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