Dwyane Wade Does Cam Newton Celebration in Charlotte with Cam in Attendance (Video)


Whatever people think LeBron James is missing, his teammate Dwyane Wade has enough for the both of them. On a night when a foot contusion limited him and when the Heat looked sluggish on the second of a back to back, Dwyane Wade hit the game winning runner with 2.9 seconds left, promptly turned to Cam Newton (who was sitting in the front row) and did his Superman Touchdown Celebration.

There are a few gems in the video. The fact that LeBron does it too, the angry white guy half LeBron’s size hurling obscenities at him, Cam cracking up or LeBron still looking at Newton instead of a listening to Spo for a few seconds.

Only celebration he could have done that would have been even more nWo? Anything from the Book of Jordan.

Maybe he is saving that one for HIS hometown.


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