Earliest Floyd Mayweather Can Get out of Jail is March..Will Be Segregated from Prisoners

The question everyone wanted to know was exactly how long of Floyd Mayweather’s 90 day jail sentence would he served.

Here are the details of how Mayweather will serve his time and when he would be able to get out.

Officer Bill Cassell told an NBC news affiliate in Nevada, that Mayweather will probably be segregated for his protection from the other 3,400 prisoners, at least for the first week. Mayweather will get a standard-issue blue jail jumpsuit with the letters CCDC and orange slippers.

He’ll be held in a standard administrative segregation cell, about 6-by-10 feet, or “about the size of a small walk-in closet,” Cassell said. Cells have a bunk, stainless steel toilet and sink, a concrete desk with a permanently bolted stool and two small vertical windows.

During his first week in jail, Mayweather would have about an hour a day out of his cell with access to an exercise yard. Depending on his behavior, Mayweather could later get several hours a day for exercise with other inmates also being held in protective custody.

Good behavior and work time could knock up to 30 days off Mayweather’s sentence, Cassell said. That would give Mayweather an early March release date.

Assuming he gets out in March it would be near impossible for him to keep his May 5th date to fight.  Simply put it is not enough time to do a proper promotion.

Technically a summer fight could be made, but it doesn’t appears that Manny Pacquiao would wait for Floyd.  This means it is likely we won’t see a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight in 2012 and we won’t see Mayweather in the ring until fall of 2012.

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