Evelyn Lozada Sued For Hiding $560k of Antoine Walker’s Money

Shimmy Walker stays losing.

The story goes something like this.

Shimmy Walker knows that he has a bunch of creditors coming after him and will have to file bankruptcy where they will take all his available assets.

But Walker doesn’t want that to happen so he gives over half million dollars allegedly to his ex fiancée Evelyn Lozada for safe keeping, but…………

Lozada doesn’t hold the money for him, she uses it to start up her shoe store Dulce, now the creditors want their money back.  Here are the details.

Last year, Walker filed for bankruptcy but the trustee recently suspects that something isn’t right. According to them, it seems that Walker gave Lozada the big chunk of money despite knowing that he was going bankrupt. The trustee has sued Lozada, claiming that the transfer of the money was an attempt to hide money from legitimate creditors also known as fraudulent.

According to the trustee, Loaza used the money to start a Miami shoe store called Dulce. But Lozada claims that she funded the store by selling her engagement ring. According to sources of TMZ, Lozada had no idea that Walker was badly in debt.

Under any circumstances, the trustee wants the $560,000 back.

One thing is for sure, Evelyn is smarter than Antoine Walker.

Now lets Shimmy……..