Former Cowboy Charles Haley Cited For Slapping a Woman’s Ass During Cowboys Game


This sounds about right.

I remember reading books about the 90s Cowboys (there have been several) and to say that Haley did some things during that time that makes slapping a woman on the ass seem like a parking meter ticket by comparison.

Here is what allegedly happened.

Former NFL great Charles Haley was issued a citation after being accused of slapping a woman on the buttocks during the Dallas Cowboys’ game against the Miami Dolphins on Thanksgiving.

A police report said the woman found the contact inappropriate and was offended, and that a third party corroborated her accusation.

I am 97% sure that 3rd party was the young lady’s boyfriend or the guy who really wants to be her boyfriend. Haley has denied the claim and in Dallas you either pay a fine or go to court.

So now you know you can slap as many asses in in Dallas as you like if you willing to pay the fine.


  1. When I’m out and about I see plently of phat azz women….I would loe to slap dat azz but of course I don’t..but the thought does cross my mind…lol

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