Former NFL Player Chris Draft Loses His Wife Keasha Rutledge Draft to Cancer 1 month after Wedding



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I know I can be a bit cynical when it comes to Athletes and their marriages, but this simply breaks my heart. I don’t know how anyone can read this story and not be sad.

I feel so badly for Chris Draft, no one should have to deal with this.

The fairytale came to an end Tuesday–one month to the day of their wedding–as Keasha Rutledge Draft lost her battle with cancer, a longtime friend of Chris’ has confirmed to

Chris’ friends are also asking everyone to send prayers to the families as they navigate this difficult time.

Thoughts and prayers go out to their family and friends.

If you have the means please donate to cancer research because it truly affects everyone in our society.


  1. My heart is heavy as i stumble over this article i have listen and watch the wedding and the life she live video where do you find this kind of love my answer as i pray and ask god who could give this women joy in the mist of her pain and who can give this man love in the mist of his lost to carry the wedding plan through as plan the answer that god gave me is the great i am her strenght i am his peace because the unity they have with me i can also give them yea i walk through the valley the shadow of death i will fear no evil thy or with you and i know this is a symbol of god love so Christ and the entire family keep your hand in god hand and he have already brought u to that place in him to trust

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