Gilbert Arenas Prefers to go to Lakers, Heat or Knicks

Everyone has preferences.

I prefer to be with Scarlett Johansson, but that doesn’t mean she will be jumping in my bed any time soon (maybe by 2013). Gilbert has let it be known he would like to play with glamor teams of the league.

Gilbert Arenas reportedly hopes to play for the Lakers, Heat, Knicks, or whichever team trades for Dwight Howard.

The Knicks and Heat reportedly favor Baron Davis over Arenas, and the Lakers are “hesitant” to sign him, but the Nets may be willing to sign him if they can complete a trade for Dwight. Both L.A. and Miami could use a veteran PG on a minimum contract, so we’re not ruling anything out at this point.

Gilbert should be happy if anyone picks him up at this point.

This would be a good time to point out that Arenas has made well over $100 million in his career.

3 thoughts on “Gilbert Arenas Prefers to go to Lakers, Heat or Knicks

  • Guess he wants to go where he has a shot to win and be in the lime light….also places where he can get the most groupie love…

    • GIL is a MF-ing Walking ATM-Machine… He could get Groupie LUV ANYWHERE !!! ***LOL***

      • Yeah I realize he can get it anywhere but I said the “MOST” Groupie Luv….I think he’ll get more from miami, NY, LA than charlotte or minnesota…..

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