Hulk Hogan Suing Ex Wife Linda For Saying He Had Gay Relations With Brutus Beefcake


I can’t look at anything Hulk Hogan related and not think that his Ex-Wife Linda Hogan is getting 70% of his assets even though she cheated on him with a pool boy who is younger than their children.

That is just astonishing to me.

Besides that, she has been slandering Hulk for a couple of years now and he is finally fighting back.

Wrestler Hulk Hogan is suing his ex-wife, claiming she lied and defamed him in her new book.

Hogan – whose real name is Terry Bollea – filed the 18-page lawsuit in Florida.

During an interview in June, Linda was asked if she thought gay rumors involving Hogan and his close friend and fellow wrestler Brutus ‘The Barber’ Beefcake.

‘Wow, let me think about how to answer this so I don’t end up getting a lawsuit,’ she replied when asked if she thought the whispers were true.

‘Well, a little bird told me yes.’

So besides taking all of Hulk’s assets Linda also wrote a book profiting off his name.  Sounds about right.
Who was the judge in their divorce proceeding?  Probably the same one who keeps giving Jerry Sandusky bail.  I hope Hulk wins the suit and takes 70% of her assets which would be just getting his money back.


  1. Well the Macho Man Randy Savage (RIP) came out with a Hogan diss track. He was like “I saw you in a ballerina outfit and knew you had homosexual tendicieeeeeeeees”

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