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Jim Brown Says Michael Vick Should Be like Tim Tebow

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, December 14th, 2011
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Before I speak on this, here is the entire quote from Jim Brown.

On Tim Tebow and his effectiveness as an NFL quarterback:

“I think what Tebow has done is totally embrace the fact that he’s big and strong and he wants to win and if he has to run he’s going to run. And when he has to pass, he’s going to try to hit a pass. And so he’s the epitome of a guy playing football that doesn’t fit what people talk about, but he fits winning because he doesn’t turn the ball over and he’ll use his legs as an offensive weapon.

“Michael Vick in the last few games seemed to be afraid to use his legs because they say he’s not a great quarterback because he doesn’t stay in the pocket and throw the ball. …

[Tebow’s] also a great kid. He has his religious beliefs, he doesn’t let anyone influence him, and he’s working to be better — but he’s not going to give up his legs (laughs). I think Vick should take note of that and understand how to use his legs and use Tebow as an example.”

Michael Vick has ran for over 5k yards in his career while averaging 7.2 YPC with 32 rushing TDs.  Michael Vick is considered by many the greatest running quarterback of all time.

You know what rational people though have said about Vick?

To win Super Bowls you have to be efficient in the pocket.  What Brown is saying  is that Vick should be more like Tebow and turn into a running back who occasionally completes passes.  That goes against the entire history of the NFL.  If anything Tebow need to be more like Vick who has learned at least while in Philly to be more patient, accurate in pocket and judicious when he runs.

We all know the reasons why Vick and even someone like Vince Young who did similar things for the Titans that Tebow is doing for the Broncos won’t get the same sort of pass on their deficiencies in playing the quarterback position.  I won’t to stress that isn’t Tebow’s fault but fans and the media.

With that even being said Michael Vick when he has been on the field is a big time explosive quarterback who has led his teams to wins in the playoffs and a NFC Championship game.

Until Tebow has those type of credentials he should strive to be more like Vick than the other way around.

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  1. Nigel says:

    I think you missed the point of what Jim was saying. He said in the last few games Vick acted like he didn’t want to run because of the critics. It seems to me that Jim is telling Vick to say F-U to the critics and run the damn ball if it will help his team to win like Tebow is doing.

  2. ELove says:

    Jim Brown is SPEAKING of Mike Vick’s Play towards the END of Last Year and PARTS of this year when He’s PURPOSELY STAYED IN THE POCKET when he could’ve ran for ALOT Of Yards… Mike has ALSO gotten HURT by taking MAJOR HITS IN THE POCKET which has led to the Injuries he has suffered This Year (Real)

    But I AGREE with Everything You’ve said Regarding Vick’s IMPACT and Accomplishments… Tebow is NOWHERE Near the CLASS of a MIKE VICK from an Athletic or QB Perspective !!!

  3. DCDave says:

    I think Vick’s not running because the injuries are starting to pile up the last couple of seasons. He needs to stay healthy. Tebow hasn’t sustained injuries yet, but it’s the NFL: eventually he will.

  4. Marion Smith says:

    Vick should keep doing what he is doing because he is injury prone.

  5. Coffeville Red Raven says:

    This website is on point with nitty gritty sports news but Robert Littal is turning into the black Harvey, “I’m a Lawyer” TMZ sucker. Just give us the news feed, your analysis is WEAK like Phil Simmms.

    Tebow is the business at 250lbs but he is clearly getting a “PASS” as a unconventional run first QB that Vick should have already perfected (i.e. learning how to scramble & go down smoother w/out the big hits or out of bounds) instead of conforming his game “traditionally, which is clearly not natural and far to late to be consistent.”

    Jim Brown should come to your location and slap the shit outta you for misinterprting his quote.

    oops, CAM Newtons better than both of them too BoB Little

  6. Coffeville Red Raven says:

    ..ATL without strong convictions & lack of Father figure was horrible for Vick’s career as well…stick to facts, your opinion is gonna be the death of your website ninja

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