Justin Tuck Says Cowboys aren’t “America’s Team”

The whole America’s Team came about in a 70s NFL Films montage of the Cowboys.

It became a catchy phrase and that has been associated with the Cowboys, similar to “Just Win Baby” with the Raiders or the Terrible Towels with the Steelers.

It annoys some people, but in the same way people are annoyed by Lakers and Yankees.  Depends on how you look it that could solidify their place as America’s team, because hate them or love them the Cowboys are always on the radar.

Winner take all game against the Giants this weekend, so as you can imagine the trash talk has been high.  Here is what Justin Tuck had to say.

“I don’t know if they ever deserved to be America’s Team,” Tuck said on Thursday according to the NY Daily News. “I don’t have a vote on that. The only people that it rubs the wrong way are the people who don’t root for them.”

If you ask DeMarcus Ware, Tuck is putting on an act and loves the Cowboys. 

I don’t think there is truly an America’s Team, but I do think the Cowboys cause the most reaction out of fans both positively and negatively.

Maybe that is why they are Lebron’s team.


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