Kendrick Perkins Tells Chris Webber to Keep His Name Out of His Mouth Until he Gets a Ring

There is nothing worse than the 7th best player on a Championship team throwing out the “until you got a ring defense”.

Kendrick Perkins is a nice player, but he wasn’t the reason the Celtics won a Championship. A nice piece of the puzzle but he didn’t lead them to the mountain top.

Chris Webber is a borderline Hall of Famer, Perkins sounds like an idiot.

If Perkins is such a tough guy why is he acting so sensitive on Twitter?

Webber’s job is to analyze players and games not to cater to Perkins feelings.

Perkins need to stop with those Drake like emotions.

17 thoughts on “Kendrick Perkins Tells Chris Webber to Keep His Name Out of His Mouth Until he Gets a Ring

  • Yeah, Perk needs to chill. Perk is responding like a 13-year old to an analyst’s opinion. This dude is an NBA veteran, so he should know better. *SMDH*

  • So you don’t think that if Perkins played in game 7 against the Lakers the Celtics would have won it all? Just because he’s not a superstar doesn’t mean what he does is not important to the team. By the way, can you name one superstar who did it alone.?

    • Hakeem

      • Riiiiiiight!!!!!

      • He had Horry and Clyde with him. FAIL!!!

        • Clyde came along after the first title because he wanted to be on a championship team that was pretty much guaranteed to win again.

          • BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE !!! ***LMAO***

            The DREAM won 2 NBA Titles W/O a NBA Superstar (F-ing FACT!!!)

  • Perk shouldnt be so sensitive to any analysts comments. Thats their job, to analyze. Perks job is to play good defense, hit the boards, get the occasional putback, and be an enforcer. With that said, he was a huge piece of Bostons championship puzzle. He inadvertently cost them a second ring by being injured and not being able to go against the Lakers in game 7. Webb was a multiple time All star, something Perk will never do.

    • I can’t beleive this sh$#t. Chris Weber is a dirtbag and a loser. highest paid basketball player ever!? who gives a sh!t. oh yea, having a good jew doing your contract negotiations makes you a better basketball player, even better than a man who knows his role, and wins championships? “C-Web” choked in college, is a repeat offender, dumbest MFer ever, he never won a championship(mainly because he’s selfish). I bet he was amazing in practice. You morons obviously didn’t play competitive sports past 6th grade. This is why no one gives a shit about basketball. If the season was a lockout, no one would care. except crime would increase.

  • I agree with Free…..but yeah, that was a sensitive response.

  • Hakeem (the dream shake olajuwon) is my favorite center oat. and i am certain he had a little help.

    championship #1 thorpe, maxwell, smith, jent, horry, elie, cassell, herrera

    championship #2 drexler, thorpe, maxwell, smith, horry, cassell, elie, herrera.

    as for perkins, someone was sensitive regarding cam newton yesterday.

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