Kim Kardashian Getting $600k For New Year’s Eve Appearance..Kris Humphries $0


It is a Merry Christmas for Kim Kardashian as she will get a cool $600k to show those Kimmy Cakes on New Year’s Eve.

Must be nice to get over a half million just to show up and drink for an hour.

The big winner is Kim Kardashian currently embroiled in a scandal about sweatshop conditions at the Chinese factories that manufacture some of her clothing lines. The former Mrs. Kris Humphries is being paid an estimated $600,000 to appear at Tao.

I checked with MULTIPLE SOURCES, Kris Humphries is getting $0 to appear at his house.


  1. She is full of herself. Maybe she should have proposed to herself and married herself.Notice how Paris Hilton has dropped off!

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