Kim Kardashian Getting $600k For New Year’s Eve Appearance..Kris Humphries $0

It is a Merry Christmas for Kim Kardashian as she will get a cool $600k to show those Kimmy Cakes on New Year’s Eve.

Must be nice to get over a half million just to show up and drink for an hour.

The big winner is Kim Kardashian currently embroiled in a scandal about sweatshop conditions at the Chinese factories that manufacture some of her clothing lines. The former Mrs. Kris Humphries is being paid an estimated $600,000 to appear at Tao.

I checked with MULTIPLE SOURCES, Kris Humphries is getting $0 to appear at his house.

5 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Getting $600k For New Year’s Eve Appearance..Kris Humphries $0

  • Sources also say that Humpries resigned with the Nets for 8 million.

    come on…

  • I would like to respond to Kim Kardashian getting “$600 K” for News Years Eve Appearance and Kris Humphries $0. Well, of course this is unfair, and it is certainly NOT an even playing field. Hopefully, she won’t get booed by the audience since that is what the public is now anticipating at her appearance that Kim Kardashian may get “booed” at her New Years Eve Event. This scandalous and TRIfling chick may Not be received well because it could be very, very embarrassing for her. From my understanding, according to sources that Kim Kardashian is now the 2nd MOST Hated woman in the World. How sad. Well, lets see:

    1. Kim Kardashian can NOT seem to keep her marriage together with her estranged Husband, Kris Humphries for more than (72) hours. Oh, I mean (72) days. What a Loser! For someone who spent an estimated “$18 Million dollars on a Lavish (Fake) Fairy Tale Wedding to only last for (72) days. How ridiculous is this?

    2. Kim Kardashian had the nerves to Travel to “Haiti”, a poverty stricken Island to revamp her Image from her divorce mess, and she claim that it was for Charity”. Yeah, right. If that is the case, why didn’t her Trifling ass leave a $3 Million dollar Charity Check for the people of Haiti?

    3. Kim Kardashian and the Kardashians are now in a Sweatshop Scandal in China; according to sources. Lets see, the Kardashian’s gets MOST of the $65 Million Profits by pocketing most of all of the profits and living rather lavishly with clean water and comfortable temperatures in their lavish homes while they are ONLY paying “$1 per Hour to these young “16” year old employees who make their products in China. No disrespect, but Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian should NOT be allowed to Profit off of what is Highly considered as “Child Slave Labor”, according to Star Magazine, Radar, and In fact, the International Labor and Human Right Organization are all currently investigating. Is it possible that we may all find Kim Kardashian and the Kardashian Family facing the United States Congressional Committee on Capitol Hill to face these serious “Child Slave Labor” allegations soon? Stay tune.

    In closing, perhaps Kim Kardashian should have never filed for that STUPID divorce from her estranged Husband, Kris Humphries. I hear he is planning to write a “Tell-All-Book about his short marriage to Kim Kardashian, and even a documentary once the divorce judge grants his request for an annulment which would of course make the confidentiality agreement and PreNup, Null and Void, folks. I am afraid that it is going to be a long “2012” year for this scandalous and Trifling chick because as they say; what goes around, comes around. I guess, Pay back is a Mother Fu*cker.

  • She is full of herself. Maybe she should have proposed to herself and married herself.Notice how Paris Hilton has dropped off!

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