Kobe Bryant Denies Stephen A. Smith Rumor He Will Ask For a Trade

Stephen A. last week before all the divorce drama and after Lamar Odom was traded seemed to believe that Kobe Bryant would ask for a trade from the LA Lakers (Stephen A. Smith Says Kobe Bryant Will Demand a Trade).

Stephen A. had no real reason to say that besides it was his personal belief, but it spread like wildfire. Kobe decided to clear up the rumor.

Rumors and Rants has the story.

In an extensive interview published today, the 33-year-old Bryant had the following to say about rumors that he was considering asking for a trade:

“I don’t know where that comes from. I don’t have any feeling about (leaving) whatsoever.”

When asked if he wanted to stay with the Lakers, Bryant had this to say:

“Of course. No question. Why not? I’ve been here 16 years. I’m going to up and leave now?”

I think Kobe will stay with the Lakers ride or die. It is at a point now where his legacy is secure it can only be enhanced, plus where exactly would he go?

He is use to being top dog, he isn’t going to be a Robin to someone’s Batman.

The whole assertion by Stephen A. didn’t make any sense to begin with and just was something to get attention. He has learned well from Skip Bayless.

2 thoughts on “Kobe Bryant Denies Stephen A. Smith Rumor He Will Ask For a Trade

  • Will Kobe feel the same way when the Lakers are 3-15?

  • Smith is really turning into the King of Sports Gossip & Rumor with his WAG’s (wild-ass-guesses).

    I take him with a grain of salt these days…..

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