Kobe Bryant: “I Enjoy Going Against Melo, Because I Always Win” (Video)


Kobe Bryant embraces his inner villain. After last nights plastering of the New York Knicks, Bean was asked about playing against Melo, who he was facing for the first time since his move to New York. His answer was vintage Kobe.

“I Enjoy Going Against Melo, Because I Always Win”

Even with the sly grin, you know he isn’t kidding. Although they are good friends and Kobe technically hasn’t won every match up, he knows he owns ‘Melo.

Interesting note though, imagine the reaction if LeBron was the one saying it?

I am pretty sure Skip Bayless’ head would explode on live television.

(video courtesy of ESPNLA.com)


  1. Exactly Rob! Kobe is just as much if not more of a douche than LeBron, but people kiss his a** like he a god or something…smh. #VanessaStillWins

  2. Kobe gets away with it because he DID embrace the villain role – he doesn’t give a sh*t what anyone thinks. He LOVES being booed; he thrives off it. He just wants to win, period.

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