Kris Humphries Only Option is to Sue Kim Kardashian For Emotional Distress

This is sounding more and more like a bad Lifetime movie every single day.

Off topic did you know America’s Most Wanted was picked up by Lifetime after being dropped by FOX? I just noticed that the other day, they could have done some more promo for that.

Back on topic TMZ says Humphries will have to sue for emotional distress to get any money from Kimmy.

We’ve poked around and asked some experts what Kris might be able to do to score some cash, if he really wanted to do that. The only plausible scenario is if Kris files a claim against Kim for intentional infliction of emotional distress based on fraud. If he could prove Kim used him as a disposable groom for her reality show — he could get monetary damages.

So, you ask, what would his monetary damages be? Well how ’bout this? If Kris sucks during the lockout shortened BBall season, he could blame the distractions on his disastrous marriage and try to sock Kim for the money he’d be out. Kris pulls in $3.2 mil a year.

Here’s the deal. We know Kris is really hurt and feels he was used by Kim. The question — does he have the stomach to sue her in civil court. And there’s this — the likelihood of Kris winning is about as great as Harvey Levin replacing him on the Nets.

I think Humphries should do it jus so we can continue to laugh at him and Kim for all of this silliness.

It is the best thing going on TV besides HOMELAND on Showtime and BOARDWALK EMPIRE on HBO.

4 thoughts on “Kris Humphries Only Option is to Sue Kim Kardashian For Emotional Distress

  • Way To Go!!!! Kris humphries. That’s right, Sue your estranged wife, Kim Kardashian for “Emotional Distress, and have the Prenup Null and Void. Your estranged wife, Kim Kardashian Defrauded you, and she also Defrauded The Public of “10” Million TV Viewers from around the World who actually tuned in to watch this (Fake) Fairy Tale Wedding of the Century in America for (Four) long hours; which by the way; was even BIGGER and more EXPENSIVE than (Kate Middleton and Prince Williams); Wedding. In addition, Kim Kardashian NEEDS to be LOCKED-UP, and her PIMP Mother KRIS JENNER as well in the Los Angeles County Jail, and or California State Prison. What they both did is committed several different Criminal Acts. This divorce case NEEDS to be seriously MOVED into a Criminal Courtroom; instead. Once again, Way To Go!!! TEAM Kris Humphries. This should be a slam dunk!!!!

  • Huh??

    This is all speculation by TMZ.

    How many rushing yards does this Kim K have again?

  • Do It Kris !!!

    I want to see her silly self on Court TV trying to explain the whole arrangement…

  • Im getting tired of hearing about this woman eveywhere, she is such a drama queen. First sex tape with Ray J. Then she married and divorce Kris Humphries, and now there are rumors of a new sex tape. I was trying to find it on Google, but only this site came out , is that isnt her, she must have a twin sister lol

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