Lakers Devin Ebanks Cleared in Rape Case..Woman Who Falsely Accused Him is Still Free

If you are a man and you rape someone, you need to get thrown under the jail. It is one of the most vile crimes in our society.

For that reason being accused of rape carries a stigma to it regardless if you are cleared on not. From Kobe Bryant to Ben Roethlisberger it is always something that will be brought up.

Which is why if a female falsely accuses a man I think she should be arrested and thrown under the jail herself. Check out this story about Devin Ebanks and explain to me why the cops haven’t arrested woman.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … the alleged victim told police Ebanks took her home from a nightclub on September 13, 2011 … but when she turned down his sexual advances, Ebanks “forcibly penetrated [her] vagina with his penis five to ten times.”

Cops say the woman reported the alleged incident to police later that night.

But here’s where it gets crazy — cops say the woman wanted to get Ebanks to admit to the sex, so she sent him a text message FALSELY claiming he had given her a sexually transmitted disease.

But Ebanks didn’t fall for the trap — and replied that he couldn’t have transmitted anything to her … BECAUSE THEY NEVER HAD SEX!!!

We’re told the woman also underwent a sexual assault examination, which revealed no foreign DNA anywhere on her body.

Sources close to the Lakers tell TMZ, it’s not the first time the alleged victim has made such accusations against pro ballers … and law enforcement sources confirm that’s the case.

We have a woman who blatantly lied about being raped and who has done the same thing in the past, but there are zero repercussions (by the way Ebanks was also involved in the Miss Hawaii/Kyrie Irving Scandal). Does that sound fair to you?

Ebanks is the one who had to deal with the accusation, pay lawyers and try to clear his name, but in the end the woman is free to do this to the next athlete.

Athletes do a lot of dumb things and when they do they should be taken to task for it. But women, groupies or otherwise should be punished legally if there entire goal in life is to entrap an athlete.

But that is wishful thinking on my part right?

4 thoughts on “Lakers Devin Ebanks Cleared in Rape Case..Woman Who Falsely Accused Him is Still Free

  • I totally agree with you……

  • Yeah I agree with you on this one, totally messed up, the society we live in what a shame. Crazy part is women are always yelling about equal rights this and that.

  • Guaranteed if they passed a law and started throwing these women in jail for a few years… If a woman accussed someone of rape or being the baby’s father, most likely a sports figure or Entertainer, because I believe it has to be on a big stage(In the public eye) so everyone can see it… It would come to a complete stop!!!

  • As a woman, cases like this really make my blood boil. You have women who have really been raped/sexually assaulted who need to be protected by the law and this lowdown little girl (that’s the cleanest word that I could come up with) Clucks around looking to score money.

    Having said that, these dudes have got to wise up. He shouldn’t have brought her to the house.

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