Lamar Odom Says Playing Against Kris Humphries More Awkward Than Lakers (Video)

Kris Humphries Lamar Odom

Dan Patrick and Jim Rome are the two best mainstream sports radio shows going  right now. Dan had Lamar Odom on the program and while getting out of him that he wanted to be traded and the only Laker he has talked to has been Luke Walton (yeah everyone had a raised eyebrow about that), Dan skillfully got in a Kardashian question.

The only small mistake is that Kris Humphries is a free agent right now, so Lam Lam doesn’t have to worry about the playing him just yet.

With that being said Lamar’s answer was pretty funny.

Lamar has always been an interesting guy, I wonder how he will mesh with the Mavericks who have quietly put together a reality show team themselves.

Still think Khloe could play 10 minutes at Power Forward if need be.