Larry Fitzgerald Dad Blasts Early Ducet, but Has His Facts All Wrong

I have to admit every time I see the Buffalo Wild Wings guy tackle Early Ducet I laugh…………LOUDLY.

But I do feel bad for him, because that could happen to anyone.  Larry Fitzgerald dad went to twitter to pile on and made a bunch of crazy statements that weren’t true.

@FitzBeatSr tweeted: Early Doucet bombed this year he drops to many passes not a dependable No.2.Needs to work harder at his job.He dropped 5 TDs this year.

Let’s looks at that. Doucet is not the team’s No. 2 receiver, Andre Roberts is. But Doucet has more receptions (53) for more yards (784) and more touchdowns (5) than Roberts. All are career highs. And he plays on special teams.

Doucet has six drops this year, according to STATS. That’s tied for 15th most in the NFL. Now, the definition of drop can vary. For instance, I’m not sure Doucet’s mistake in the fourth quarter last week, stumbling and missing a TD pass, is officially classified as a “drop”. It never hit his hands.

I don’t chart drops, but I‘d have to see hard evidence that Doucet has dropped five potential touchdowns. I don’t remember them.

Fitzgerald SR says he was upset that Ducet turned down an invitation to work out with his son in the offseason.

Fitzgerald Sr is being terrible biased against Ducet, by all accounts as the writer pointed out Ducet has not dropped 5 TD passes and just because he didn’t want to work with his son doesn’t mean the invisible gopher wouldn’t have tackled him.

Maybe Ducet has his own work out program or had his own plans in the offseason.  If you want to get on Ducet for falling fine, but don’t slander him with lies because he didn’t want to play catch with your son.
That is Dunkin Hines moist.