LSU’s Online Store Has Been Hacked To Display Alabama Merchandise (Photos)

The greatness that is Peter Burns Fox Sports Radio (he is a must follow on Twitter) was the first to notice that Bama Fan had taken over the LSU online store (here are a couple of screenshots, before they fix it).

Bama wins the 1st round on the battle, but who will win the war?

I don’t have problem with a rematch between the two teams for one fundamental reason.  It is very difficult for me to punish a team that didn’t do anything to warrant a drop in the polls and only loss was in OT by 3 points to the undisputed #1 team in the country.

It isn’t Bama’s fault that BCS=BS.

It would have been fun to if Oklahoma State had made it, but I think this game will be more competitive.

The question begs if you bought Bama stuff from LSU store would they ship it?


The LSU Online store has been restored after almost 5 hours of Bama geat up.