Mark Cuban Says There Will Openly Gay NBA Player in 3-5 Years


The interesting thing is that there are several gay players in the NBA right now.

They are deathly afraid of it becoming public mainly because homophobia in all professional sports is very high.  Mavericks coach Mark Cuban thinks though relatively soon that will change.

Cuban was then asked about whether he thought there would be an openly gay player in the NBA before a woman head coach, and he said that he absolutely thinks that will be the case. Cuban said that he thinks a gay player will come out within the next three to five years.

I think if a player does come out of the closet, it won’t be of there choosing it will be because TMZ catches them in the act.


  1. Plenty of GAY PLAYERS in Professional Sports (MLB, NFL and NBA…) And I don’t have to see Chris Bosh in a Homosexual-ACT to know that He is The DEFINITION of GAY ATHLETE !!! ***LMAO***

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