Michael Jordan One of Owners Who Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Lakers

People need to understand that the legend of Michael Jordan as a player is just that and nothing more.

It has nothing to do with Michael Jordan the current owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.  Jordan has a lot more in common with Dan Gilbert now than he does with Chris Paul.

No surprise he didn’t want Paul to be traded to Lakers.

Jordan says he opposed the Chris Paul trade to the Los Angeles Lakers because “as a small-market [owner] I’m very supportive of being able to keep your star player.”

Still, Jordan says he would be interested in signing the New Orleans guard if Paul becomes a free agent next year.

No one wants to play for the Bobcats and one of the reasons is Michael Jordan. Players understand business and they know Jordan isn’t the best in evaluating or acquiring talent.

But if you need some stone wash jeans Jordan definitely has that market on lock.

Isn’t CP3 a Jordan Brand endorser?

7 thoughts on “Michael Jordan One of Owners Who Opposed Chris Paul Trade to Lakers

  • As a Bobcat fan I love the fact that MJ is doing his best to give us a chance, but the fact is guys don’t want to live in Charlotte when they can live in Chicago, Miami, Dallas, New York, or LA.
    That pretty much sums it up!! Why don’t the NBA just downsize it’s league, since these players and some owners can’t come to an agreement!! Not right for a small market team to discover a top player like D.Howard, only the Lakers get a chance at signing him by way of free agency. Just because hey, we’re LA, not fair!!!

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